Yaaaaai. Ayla gave birth to 8 beautiful babies this night. 4 males and 4 females. Se more here


Ayla and Tristan should hopefully be the parent of a litter of puppies . Ayla was paired with Tristan three times and the first time 11​/1-2016. So if there is pregnancy, we expect puppies around

14/3-2016 .

There is an appointment for pregnancy scan on Wednesday . 10 / 2-2016 .

See more under Puppies


Unfortunately, Ayla lost her puppies, so there will be no puppies this time :-(


Ayla´s pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound :-)


We have an appointment with your vet for a scan of Ayla on April 30. We hope that there are puppies in her.


Today our lovely Conrad turns 3 years


Then the website are up and running : -)

Hope you will welcome it and can use it for anything. Do you have corrections or other comments you are welcome to let me know Either through the website's " contact form " or by mail to


Ayla have been successfully paired with Conrad . See more under " puppies"