Abous us

We- Jonas and Anders lives in Næstved in a large townhouse. There are gardens to the dogs and they have their own kennel but is mostly with us. Jonas take them into dogs forest daily, where they get plenty of exercise,  training and meet other dogs. The dogs are mostly with us when we are out on vacation and they are out sailing in our little boat, so they experience many different places and people.

On a daily basis we run along one general medical practice. Anders is a doctor, and Jonas is the secretary . Jonas has taken the Danish Kennel Club's breeder education

We use Næstved Area's animal hospital, feeding the Arion and our dogs are both liability and sick insured.

Our dogs are generally healthy and we are very focused on their health. We emphasize that they have good mental health and that they can be with adults, children and animals, proper working, show and family dogs.

What we fell for the breed is their good, kind heart, their versatility and their beauty, personality and charisma.